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T R A I N I N G 


  • BFA - Music Theatre, AMDA College of the Performing Arts, Los Angeles

  • Performance training: John Sloman, Joel Bisho, Tom O'Leary, Kirsten Chandler, Brooks Almy, Kari Hayter, Mark Abulencia, Sal Sabella, Wendy Roso

  • Acting for the camera: Todd Patrick Breaugh, Brian Beery, Cain Devore

  • Dialects: Anne Burk, Deborah Ross Sullivan

  • Voice: Richard Berent, Jesse Kissel, and Stephanie Roche

  • Dance: Erin Galvin, Cheryl Baxter, Hector Guerrero, Nancy Dobbs Owen, Mark Spaldin

  • Songwriting and Spoken Word: Michael Deragon



  • Dialects: Standard American, General American, “RP”, “MCLE”, French, Russian, Italian American NY

  • Theatrical Puppeteering

  • Instruments: Piano & Ukulele

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